MS-EVAC-500RM Remote Paging Microphone
October 26, 2016
MS-FCS-66M 6″ Fireproof Ceiling Speaker with Fire Dome
October 26, 2016
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MS-FCS-56M 5″ Fireproof Ceiling Speaker with Fire Dome

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Commercial fireproof ceiling speaker with transformer. Ideal for school, office, hotel and airport voice evacuation and PA system. Compliant with the EN54-24 EVAC standard. Ceramic connector, fire dome, 95℃ fire-resistant cable and thermal fuse. Rated power output 0.75W-1.5W-3W-6W at 100V. 5″ full range paper woofer. Line input 100V or 70V with transformer. With A/B two speaker cable entry. Metal enclosure, metal grille in white and fire dome in red. In-ceiling quick installation with spring clip.


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