Our Mission Statement

“Delivering value packed, need driven communication solutions through a seamless partnership between us and our installers.”

MicroSound Certified Installer

Microsound Systems has always been committed to working exclusively through professional installers and system installation companies. This was the route chosen and continues to be the way we want to see our products finding their way into the market place.

We believe that by being loyal to this philosophy we ensure that our clients, the professional installers and installation companies are protected in terms of price and access to product, and the end user is assured that his solution is professionally installed and working as it should.

We’re so committed to this philosophy of distribution that we’ve taken the next natural step in this process, which was to introduce the concept of a “Certified Microsound Installer”

Certified Installer Benefits

Companies registering as a Certified Microsound Installer enjoy a series of benefits that are exclusive to this category of customer. Enquire about becoming a “Certified Microsound Installer” now.

End User Benefits

  • Full Service offering that includes product, installation, maintenance and support
  • Certified Microsound Installers that know the product and how to install and maintain Microsound Systems
  • Countrywide access to Certified Installers
  • Standard work Practise and Conditions

Become part of a family and contribute and benefit from the efforts and the results that together we build.