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October 24, 2016
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October 26, 2016
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MS-EVAC-500 Emergency Evacuation Controller

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EVAC-500 system is both PA system and voice alarm system. The system integrates the requirements of EN60849, BS5839/8 and EN54-16 evacuation standard. Also meets the requirements of GB16806-2006 standard and European voice alarm control and Indicating equipment standards. Automatic fault diagnosis system, data backup Line redundancy and record fault state <=5000 Safe, Stable and Reliable. The system is compatible with three wire system and four wire system standard wiring. Emergency message pre-recorded or customized for different languages.


The core of voice alarm EVAC system  is a built with 240W/350W/500W digital amplifier,  capable of manual or auto broadcast of emergency messages. Includes a fireman microphone for evacuation and emergency control. System capacity of up to 120 zones with paging and background music functions, monitoring includes – amplifier failure, speaker line failure, emergency message and emergency microphone supervision. Emergency message format of *.wav. SD card message number shall be less than 255 in the file root of “evac_message/” & “alert_message/” & “prompt/”. 6 speaker zone outputs, each zone max power output is 500W, total 6 zone power output max is 500W. 6 external microphone or line inputs for analogue microphone use or external audio source input. Control input and control output for integration of third party system. With 3000 events history record includes power module, fireman mic, emergency message, amplifier & speaker line. System capacity of 32 units remote paging microphone up to 600 meters through CAT5 or CAT6 straight cable.System support redundancy cable wiring among remote paging microphone, host and  extension host within 600 meters.


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