MS-EVAC500BC 24V DC Battery Charger and Power Supply

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24V battery charger and emergency power supply used to backup the power supply system in case of AC main power failure and charge the battery during non- emergency period.


  • Auto switch to DC power when AC power fails
  • Select auto/manual charging mode
  • Storage battery failure, over voltage, over-heat and over time charging detection
  • Automatic temperature control fan and overheating protection
  • Built-in battery charge management and monitoring circuit
  • When connected to AC power, DC24V will be off automatically
  • Storage battery supports one or two DC 24V lead-acid battery
  • Constant current-trickle charge
  • High charging efficiency and restore efficiency
  • Supports multiple volumetric battery ≤200Ah
  • With ID pre-set its zone number up to 200 units
  • With RS485 to communicate with third party system


  • Model: MS-EVAC-500BC
  • Description: 24V DC Battery Charger and Power Supply
  • Power Supply: 220V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • AC Maximum Current: 2A
  • AC Fuse: 250V/3.15A, low speed type
  • DC Power Output: 24V DC battery
  • DC Maximum Current: 10A+10A
  • Maximum Charging Current: 10A adjustable
  • Connector: Two battery inputs, two 24V DC outputs, two RS485 and two CAN inputs.
  • Battery capacity selector and ID selector.
  • Cooling System: Speed controlled cooling fan
  • Operation Temp: +5℃ to +45℃
  • Operation Humidity: <95%
  • Dimension(mm): 484×390×44
  • Weight: 4.65kg