PMB132-V Emergency Paging Unit

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PMB132-V Emergency Paging Units

The PMB132-V Emergency Paging Station enables a single All-Call to be made; if the alarm messages have to be sent to separate zones, on the other hand, it will be necessary to use the PMB132/12-V station, which enables a maximum of 12 zones to be selected. Each station must be completed with an additional microphone to be chosen from among the following models:

  • MC132-V Dynamic gooseneck microphone
  • M132-V Dynamic hand-held microphone with P.T.T. key

According to the used system units, it is possible to set-up the PTT and AUX keys and, only for the PMB132/12-V, each of the 12 selection keys in order to enable selection of groups of zones (keys 1 to 12 and the PTT key) or to create a specific combination of messages for the different zones (AUX key). It is possible to connect up to 7 remote station units in cascade formation by means of the IN/OUT sockets provided for this purpose, which can be used as inputs or outputs as required. The connections to the units are made by means of CAT5e SF/UTP shielded cable and a shielded STP connector.

• Fully monitored
• Emergency key
• Live emergency calls
• Sending of pre-recorded Evacuation/Alert messages
• Broadcast calls
• Zone-selection keys with status-LEDs (PMB132/12-V only)
• Faults/Failures LEDs
• AUX function to call pre-set messages
• Reset of emergency messages
• Muting of the buzzer for failure detection (ACK)

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Single Zone, 12 Zone