TA406 Terminal Adaptor for MF440

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  • One or more door stations.
  • 400 handsets with or without call back.
  • 4 common wires through out.
  • Handset has “Busy” LED.
  • Private conversation.
  • Only called stations can open the door.
  • Two handsets on one number.
  • Door access code.
  • Access code can be changed and is non – volatile.
  • Door station has four programmable zones for more reliability & easy
  • fault finding on large systems.
  • Door strike duration programmable.
  • Handset numbers can be programmed by manufacturer.
  • Handset off the hook will not affect the system.
  • The system is lightning protected.
  • Door station is surface mounted and weather protected.
  • Call Back Display for guard house.
  • A 24v PSU with battery backup is available.
  • Guard Wake-up Alarm available.