FPC 20 – 20 Way Fire Intercom Controller

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The Fire Intercom FPC10/20/40 is used to report a fire incident to the security desk from Red Handsets FP03HS placed at various locations in a building. The system comes in various sizes, 10-Way, 20-Way and 40-Way Master. If larger systems are required, the SLSI-80-77 Controller can be used with the Red Handsets RHR2.

Suitable for Multi-storey Office & Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Airports, Shopping Malls or Factories.


  • Remote Handset to Master Station call back, with LED & Tone indication.
  • Full duplex communication between Handset and Master.
  • Handset at Master Station.
  • Auto time out even if Master Handset is not replaced.
  • Master Station to Handset call if SLSI-80-77 Controller is used.
  • Battery backup if a Battery is added to the system.
  • Red Fire Enclosure with Perspex Door is available for remote Handsets.
  • Remote buzzer output at Master.