MH04GS Home Intercom Gate Station

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  • Home intercommunicating intercom system
  • Nine handsets
  • Four door stations
  • Only four common wires throughout
  • No switcher units required between door stations
  • 2 Button door stations can call house or maid
  • Door stations are robust surface mount with rain shield
  • All handsets, call function
  • Two handsets on one number
  • Conference calls
  • Central termination board for easy wiring & maintenance
  • Power supply with lightning protection and optional battery backup
  • Auxiliary PCB to trigger alarm panic or switch on lights
  • Communication with any handset from gate station with door release
  • Interface to PA

Technical Information

Cable requirements:

A 2 pair 0,5mm twisted pair cable between all handsets, door stations and termination board. If the cable to the door stations goes outside and could be susceptible to lightning, then it must be a screened Fire Alarm cable.

MH04GS Gate Station:

Size:                136mm high x 101mm wide x 80/60mm deep

Mounting:        Surface

Finish:           Weather proof mild steel powder coated box. The front is anodized aluminium.

Features:        Two call button with backlit name plate

Busy Led

Relay output to trigger motor gate

Power:            13,8V DC idle current 18mA