SLSICABPSC12 SLSI-80 Series School Intercom – 12 Slot Controller up to 184 way

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SLSI cabinet with 12 slots, power supply unit, CPU/audio card and master sub card configured for 4 master stations, slave amp and 8 call-back substations. Expandable to a maximum of 184 call-back substations by adding sub-cards.


  • Fully electronic exchange with microprocessor control
  • Compact and has relay switching for reliable audio control.
  • Four basic sections: Central processing unit (CPU), Master Sub card, Sub card and Power supply (PSU).
  • CPU consists mainly of the microprocessor, memory, audio amplifier, tone generator and control functions.
  • The 30w-rms amplifier can drive up to 120 standard sub stations before a booster amplifier is needed.
  • The power supply module has outputs of 10V, 24V and 42V.
  • The SLSI-80 operates on 220/250V AC.
  • Designed for wall mounting for space conservation
  • Master to master dialing and Master to subs, Master to handset and Master to P.A. calls.
  • Eight group calls
  • All call
  • Auto cancel (5 minutes adjustable)
  • Auto answer or non auto answer call backs.
  • Two change of period tones, General tone and Evacuation tone.